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To be ONE BODY, that WALKS in love, GROW


  We Value the Individual

- Every human is just as unique as their own personal thumbprint. Your story, your experiences, and your encounter with God shapes who He is creating you to be. Just like Jesus, we believe every person has value.

  We Value Worship

- Worship is a deep and sincere expression of gratitude, adoration, and devotion we have towards God. It includes music and singing, but goes beyond melody and encompasses the totality of one's life, actions, and heart attitude. We Worship God with our Whole lives.

  We Value The Word of God

- The Bible is more than just a book; it is the living, breathing Word of God, it’s a guide for our lives, a look into the heart and nature of the Father, and a source of divine revelation. It is the Word of God Himself, inspired by his spirit, written through human instruments.

  We Value Generosity

- Generosity is more than something we do, it's something we are with our entire being, our Finances, our time, and our actions. When we think of how generous God was when he created us, how generous He was when He gave away His only son to save us, the only response we can give is to offer everything we have back to Him.

  We Value Our Neighbors

- God has designed us for more than just ourselves. We don’t value our neighbors because it sounds good. We don’t value our neighbors because it’s a trending topic on Twitter or Instagram. We value our neighbors because God commands us to do so, and because Jesus taught us how to value others. 

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